Software Engineering


Software Engineering has become a crucial discipline in the functioning of the modern world. Information systems, communications, transport, manufacturing and services all require well-engineered and reliable software. The focus of the B.Sc. degree programme in Software Engineering is automated and large-scale software engineering, which will equip students to deal with the types of systems widely found in industry. The programme provides up-to-date theory and practice in the core areas of software engineering, and the core methods and tools used in industry. The curriculum of the Software Engineering emphasises the art, science, engineering and technology of computing and information systems. The students are developed to meet the challenges of self-employment as professional software engineers, private and public employment and design and development of local content intelligent systems solutions to immediate problems in our environment. Graduates of the programme can easily find employments in government establishments, industries, business, banking and accounting houses, oil companies, educational institutions, commercial houses, higher institutions as trainee researchers and academicians and software development establishments. They are also equipped to establish their own private practice in information technology, computer training, software development and e–technology generally.

Furthermore, the Department is fast changing and advancing with reputation for innovative education base on high level of changes and advancement. The Department offers consultancy services to both government and private establishments and there are facilities for supporting its numerous academic programmes.